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Amazon's changes to the associates program, what's changed.

It hasn't been very long awaited, Amazon were quick in implementing the changes to the Amazon affiliates program by cutting the commissions by up to half. They are still by far the greatest affiliates out there and it won't be long before the rates are further cut,  they still offer higher commissions than most including eBay(4-7%), Wayfar(5%), Walmart(4%), and Etsy(4%). Why should they share out more of their profits while nearly every household in America now has an Amazon account? It is time to cut out the middle man.

This will likely have quite an impact on the internet. I'd expect the thousands of the affiliate review sites to seek out replacements for their affiliate program, the big businesses like ThisIsWhyImBroke and SUATMM will surely change how they operate in the coming weeks.

These changes align closer to the European Amazon Affiliate program which have been at a similar fixed rate for a long time now, this change now maximises profitability, afterall the affiliate program has done its job bringing the customers to Amazon, now its time to cut the middleman.

You can find the new rates here